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Alan Hivale
Dr. Alan Hivale
Founder of Inspire Physical Therapy & Performance
"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." -T. Roosevelt

A Message From Dr. Alan Hivale, Owner & Founder of Inspire Physical Therapy & Performance

Bad knees can be extremely painful, and it’s easy to think that they’re just a part of aging. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Although wear and tear can contribute to bad knees, there are often other underlying causes. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your knees, it’s important to consult with a doctor to rule out any serious conditions.

You may not be able to pinpoint the source of your knee pain, but it’s probably only going to get worse if you don’t do something about it.

You’re not alone if this is happening to you; we hear this sort of thing all the time. In fact, knee discomfort is one of the most prevalent issues that we encounter in our physical therapy clinic. And, when it comes to coping with knee agony, everyone we see wants answers to these questions:

"Why Is This Happening To Me? Why Am I Still Suffering With Knee Pain That Gets Worse After Putting Up With It For 6 Months - Frequently More?”

Many people believe that if they simply wait, their knee pain will lessen and eventually go away. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. In fact, six months later you may find yourself in more discomfort than when your journey with knee pain started.

Does That Sound Like You?

A common occurrence in our physical therapy clinic is when people go to see their doctor. The well-meaning Doctor tells them to “rest”, “try these painkillers” and “come back in 6 weeks if it does not improve I’ll give you ANOTHER prescription of even stronger pills, and maybe a knee support. But then 6 weeks later, they usually end up going back anyways because the recommended solutions did not work..

Has That Ever Happened To You?

If you’re confused, it might be because you’ve received conflicting information from different people. You might believe that resting is the best solution because you were told walking would worsen knee pain. Or maybe you think certain exercises will help improve the condition when they won’t actually make a difference.

It’s tough to make a decision on what to do when you’re knee deep in pain and aren’t sure which course of action will help. And because it’s such an confusing situation, people often avoid making any decisions at all about their knee pain. It gets worse; many folks just end up assuming that their chronic pain is natural or normal.

Is This How You Feel Too?

If You’re Currently Living With Knee Pain, Here’s 7 More Reasons Why It Could Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

1. You thought it would go away on it’s own – but it didn’t

2. You went to the Doctor who told you to rest and take painkillers – but the pills did nothing to help, all they did was ‘mask’ the pain – and as soon as they wore off knee pain stopped you in your tracks again

3. A family member, or friend, told you that everybody gets knee pain as they get older, so you just accepted it

4. You sought help from other Healthcare Professionals or a Physio in the past, but nothing they said or did seemed to help

5. You’ve tried using things like knee supports but they’ve done nothing to help make the pain any better

6. You thought it would be a good idea to rest because you experienced severe pain and swelling in your knees, but it still irritates you daily

7. You tried a few exercises from ‘Youtube’ – but they felt painful when you did them, and did nothing to ease the pain

If any of these have happened to you – we would love to help you by inviting you to book a call to talk to our physical therapists in Inspire to find out what can be done to help you.The fact that you’ve tried any or all of these things already is actually a GOOD THING because when you know what doesn’t work – you are closer to finding the thing that does!

Click the link below to book a call with us if you would like to get some solid advice given to you for FREE over the phone. The phone call is complimentary and there is no obligation to book any appointments with us after the call is over. Our goal is to help you make the right decision about what to do next.

“What Can I Do To Get Rid Of My Knee Pain Quickly?”

Well, here’s 4 things you can do:

1. First off, you need to make a decision about getting help – Many individuals rest weeks, believing that the suffering will ‘just fade away with time,’ only to find out six months later that nothing has improved…

2. Next, do the RIGHT exercises – To help reduce your knee pain and allow for free movement, do a series of progressed exercises given to you by a Physiotherapist. These exercises will also prevent the problem from returning in the future.

3. Avoid sitting in awkward positions – The truth is, you and I were not meant to sit for hours on end. When you do, it puts your knees in an uncomfortable and unfavorable position – which they can’t sustain for long periods of time. If you’re given the right exercises to strengthen your posture, alongside some hands-on treatment, you can get back to being active and healthy much quicker.

4. Get real, “hands-on” Physical Therapy – Physical therapy is known to aid individuals with knee discomfort. In fact, one of the most prevalent issues we see among our athletes and active adults at Inspire Physical Therapy & Performance is physical therapy. Physical Therapy may assist you in getting back to living the life you deserve as quickly as possible if your knee pain affects your job, prevents you from being active, or jeopardizes your independence by getting in the way of spending quality time with family and friends.

If you would like to know how the Physical Therapy team at Inspire Physical Therapy & Performance clinic in Chico, California can help you live with less knee pain – we invite you to start with a completely free, no-obligation, risk free appointment at one of our clinics.

Note: This Free Total Body Diagnostic session is something that we offer to people who are very nervous or skeptical about Physical Therapy – unsure of its benefits or if it is right for them. If that sounds like you, then please start with a Free Total Body Diagnostic session so that we can work with you to find out what is wrong and what can be done – without any financial risk on your part.

So The Next Question Is:

“How Can Choosing To See A Physical Therapist At Inspire Physical Therapy & Performance Help You Get Rid Of Your Knee Pain - In The Next Few Days?”

Here’s just a few of the things our Physical Therapy Team can do for you:

In conclusion, the Physical Therapy Team at Inspire Physical Therapy & Performance can assist you in regaining your life without daily annoying and persistent knee discomfort.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Inspire Physical Therapy & Performance In Inspire...

Over Forty five - 5-Star Reviews!

- Bayleigh F.

“My neck physically couldn’t move, I was absolutely miserable and it was not allowing me to do my job. After my first appointment not only was I able to turn my head, but I was no longer getting a migraine daily. I have now Incorporated my PT as my warm up at the gym 2-3 times a week and it has made a huge difference. Thank you Alan for your expertise and I look forward to continuing my recovery with the tools you have provided!”

- Jason B.

“Alan was very personable with me and is knowledgeable of his profession. He was able to work with me on a few issues I had regarding an injury and an old surgery was having impengment issue with and they have been much better since I started working with him. I enjoyed the time and effort Alan provided me as well as answering any questions I had. I would definitely use him in the future either for a follow up or if another injury arises.”

- Lauren R.

“Alan was truly a Godsend! I had been having rotator cuff pain for about 6 months & continued to put off finding help since I’m a busy mom of 3 small children. Alan was able to get me in right away and immediately assessed my shoulder and assured me we could get it worked out! Within just a few sessions I was using my shoulder again without the pain I had been having for so long. I am forever grateful for his expertise and care!”